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Choosing The Right Health Insurance Plan

Hello, my name is Eric Coleman and I've written this blog to inform others about health insurance. Purchasing this type of insurance can be confusing, but it is very important that people know exactly what their insurance policy covers. When I was ready to purchase my health insurance, I didn't have any idea about what type of coverage I needed. Before I visited an insurance agent, I did hours and hours of online research to learn insurance terms and to find out about the kinds of policies that are available. The insurance agent also answered my questions so that I would fully understand what I was buying. Since getting the right health insurance is so important, I decided to write this blog to help others understand what type of policy they need and what is covered.


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The Pros And Cons Of Using Car Insurance Tracking Devices

If you are looking for a discount on your auto insurance, you may be enticed by using a car insurance tracking device. These types of devices can be plugged into your car or placed into your car. They track where you drive, how many miles a day you drive, if you drive the speed limit and if you brake suddenly often. All of this information can be then be compiled to determine what your personalized rate will be at the end of the usage period. Many companies will give you a discount during the trial period, and state that you may be able to get a discount based on your good driving skills when the trial period is up. If you are considering this, there are pros and cons to using a car insurance tracking device. Here are a few of those pros and cons. 

Cons of Using a Car Insurance Tracking Device

  • You Lose Your Privacy

One of the biggest disadvantages to an auto insurance tracking device is that you lose your privacy. The auto insurance company can see where you go, when you go, what speed you are driving, what roads you are driving on, where you vacation and where you park your car at night. For some people, the potential cost savings is worth giving up their privacy; for others, it is not. 

  • Your Rates Can Increase

The other downside to an auto insurance tracker is that some people have had their rates increase. The auto insurance tracker can track your driving habits and how many miles you drive. If you drive more than the average person, speed or slam on your brakes to avoid accidents frequently, the auto insurance company can see this and raise your rates. For some people, the threat of a rate increase outweighs potential cost savings. 

Pros of Using a Car Insurance Tracking Device

  • You May Be Eligible to Get a Discounted Rate

The number one reason why people opt-in to using an auto insurance tracking device is because it may help save money on their auto insurance costs. If you are deemed a safe driver, your auto insurance rates may decrease, helping you to save money. 

  • You Can See How the Insurance Company Rates You 

The other benefit to using the car insurance tracking device is that you can download your insurer's app and see how the device rates you. You may think you are a good driver, but the app may tell you otherwise. This can help you to see what driving habits you need to improve, which may help you avoid an accident in the future. 

There are benefits to using a car insurance tracking device, but there are a few downsides as well. Learning the advantages and disadvantages will help you determine if it is ideal for your situation.