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Choosing The Right Health Insurance Plan

Hello, my name is Eric Coleman and I've written this blog to inform others about health insurance. Purchasing this type of insurance can be confusing, but it is very important that people know exactly what their insurance policy covers. When I was ready to purchase my health insurance, I didn't have any idea about what type of coverage I needed. Before I visited an insurance agent, I did hours and hours of online research to learn insurance terms and to find out about the kinds of policies that are available. The insurance agent also answered my questions so that I would fully understand what I was buying. Since getting the right health insurance is so important, I decided to write this blog to help others understand what type of policy they need and what is covered.


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Planning To Add A Swimming Pool? Check Your Homeowner's Policy

If you are planning to add a swimming pool to your yard, there is much involved with this, from digging the hole to filling the pool with water. Part of adding a swimming pool is to check with your homeowner's insurance policy to make sure everything is covered. Below is more information about this so you can enjoy your new pool without worrying about something like insurance. 

Increase Liability

You should consider increasing your liability homeowner's insurance before you start using your swimming pool. Contact your insurance carrier and go over your policy. The insurance agent can tell you how much coverage you have. In many cases, you may want to increase the liability policy. This will be an added expense but will save you a lot of time and money in the future if something does happen with your pool, such as damage or someone having an accident. 

You can add an umbrella liability insurance policy. This type of policy will cover money that your existing liability insurance coverage will not. For example, if you have some type of damage to your pool that will cost you a lot of money, your liability insurance may not cover all the costs. If so, you would have to pay the extra costs out of pocket. If you have an umbrella liability insurance policy, this would take over to cover these costs. 

Prevent Accidents

There are many things you can do to prevent accidents. This may help lower your liability insurance premiums as this will put you at a lower risk for accidents. This will depend on your insurance company, however. Some things you can do to make your pool safer include:

Install a Fence

Install a fence that is high enough that no one could easily jump over. The fence should also have a locked gate to prevent people from entering the pool area without you being aware of it. A privacy fence would be the best option as people would not even know you have a pool and would not be tempted to gain access to it. This is especially true for children, such as teenagers. 

Install a Non-Slip Surface

Even though you have a rule of no running around the pool, you still never know if someone well. Because of this, install a non-slip surface around the pool. Because you have not built your pool yet, you can choose the surface around the pool area. One type that works best is pavers. Pavers are slip-resistant and resistant to skidding. 

You will have requirements that you have to follow when it comes to adding a pool to your yard. Your insurance company will know what these requirements are to make sure you follow them. For additional info look online or contact an insurance agent.