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Choosing The Right Health Insurance Plan

Hello, my name is Eric Coleman and I've written this blog to inform others about health insurance. Purchasing this type of insurance can be confusing, but it is very important that people know exactly what their insurance policy covers. When I was ready to purchase my health insurance, I didn't have any idea about what type of coverage I needed. Before I visited an insurance agent, I did hours and hours of online research to learn insurance terms and to find out about the kinds of policies that are available. The insurance agent also answered my questions so that I would fully understand what I was buying. Since getting the right health insurance is so important, I decided to write this blog to help others understand what type of policy they need and what is covered.


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Dispute An Insurance Adjustment Determination

An insurance adjuster's role in your residential insurance claim could have a bearing on how well you can restore structural materials that comprise your home's interior or exterior. If the initial claim that you filed resulted in a settlement amount that you think is much less than what you will need to make repairs, dispute the settlement and revisit the claims and adjustment process.

Concrete Evidence

Concrete evidence that proves that damage to your home or its contents are as extensive as you initially claimed may aid with receiving another inspection from an insurance adjuster. Before you contact your insurance agency, record footage of damage or take quality photos of the damaged parts of your home and its contents. You may have initially furnished supporting evidence but failed to provide complete visual and written proof of the exact nature of the damage.

After compiling your proof, seek repair estimates from a couple licensed contractors. If you are able to obtain estimates that provide a clear breakdown of the costs associated with making the repairs and the estimates are relatively similar, this information will support your insurance claim.

Contact your insurance agent and ask to speak to someone in the company's dispute resolution department. After speaking to a representative about your concerns, you may be advised to submit additional items that pertain to your claim. The pictures, footage, and cost estimates will all be taken into account when your insurance claim is reviewed.

A Secondary Inspection

Your insurance agent or a representative who works in the dispute resolutions department may schedule a secondary inspection of your property. A secondary inspection that is conducted by an assigned insurance adjuster is not guaranteed, however. If the cost of the inspection will be covered by your insurance policy, an adjuster will make an appointment to review the damage to your home and its contents.

If your insurance agency is not going to furnish a secondary inspection, you can hire a third party insurance adjuster. A third party adjuster will perform a non-biased inspection of your residential property and will provide a consensus of their findings.

If the inspection demonstrates that the initial inspection wasn't complete and accurate, you may be able to have the initial claim overturned. If the claim results work in your favor, you will be supplied with a higher insurance settlement amount. This amount can make a large difference in how quickly and completely you are able to have repairs made to your home and property.

Contact a company that offers insurance adjustment solutions to learn more.